T1 Pepper - Adjustable Active Termination

The T1-Pepper provides customizable (active) termination for PROFIBUS segments that do not comply with the standard RS 485 impedance. With rotary switches the impedance of the termination can be set.

PROFIBUS networks exist that have not been wired with proper cable or where it is mandatory to use existing twisted pair cable. The T1-Pepper is an excellent solution to adapt the termination to the impedance of the cable. It can also be used to increase the idle line voltage on segments where interference causes communication disturbances and the large connectors allow specialty cable or more cable stress.


• PROFIBUS communication over non-standard cable.

• Idle voltage increaser for EMC sensitive applications.

• Impedance tuner for poor segments.

2 Rotary switches manipulate the values of the termination network. One for the middle resistor and one for the 2 pull-up resistors. The combination of both set the impedance and the level of the idle voltage. The T1-Pepper is a partner product for the COMbricks SALT repeater that requires termination at the other side of the cable. The rotary switches have to be set identical at both sides.

The T1-Pepper can be used by all fieldbuses that require active termination. It has a redundant power supply and diagnostic LEDs to indicate the status of each power source. It can be installed on a standard DIN-rail.


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Active T1 pepper


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